The Perks of Beachfront Weddings


There are never-ending options when it comes to walking down the aisle. While the main point of a wedding are the “I Dos,” the where, when and how of nuptials take many different forms. Small or large? His hometown or yours? Complete wedding party or just the two of you?


To some, the concept of planning a large, elaborate wedding is overwhelming. Whether you’re expecting 70 or a small group of close family and friends, there are many perks of a beachfront or destination wedding.


First, when you choose to have your wedding beachfront, you can expect romance and beauty to be automatically included in the wedding package. Many times, couples spend thousands of dollars on décor to turn a boring hall into their desired environment. When your wedding is on the beach or nearby, the decorations can be as elaborate or as simple (or even non-existent) as you want because of the abundance of natural beauty all around you!


Speaking of wedding packages, some beach resorts offer complete wedding packages that you can customize as much or as little as you want without having to go through the trouble of contacting and selecting each individual vendor. In addition, because the vendors are consistently working with the resort or are in-house, you can expect precision in execution and quality of the food, drink or services. Also, budget-wise, a destination wedding package allows you to stick to your budget without having to worry about paying separate vendors and missing hidden fees or charges.


When it comes to those that will celebrate your destination beach wedding with you, they will be very appreciative of the opportunity to turn the trip into a family vacation or couples getaway. You and your guests will be able to create lasting memories in a beautiful place without the stress and anxiety that comes along with a typical wedding weekend.


In addition, when it comes to you and your guests’ accommodations, you don’t have to stress about room blocks and reservations – it’s all right there beachfront! After the beach wedding, you can quickly getaway to your honeymoon suite while your guests can continue to celebrate or safely return to their rooms on site.


If you are getting married in the near future and looking at your options, consider a beachfront wedding or destination wedding– why not? It is YOUR day – make beautiful memories that you can enjoy for a lifetime.