Hoping to “get away from it all” by vacationing on a glorious Florida beach, but the attached price tag is stopping you? Don’t halt the breaks on the idea of a sand-and-sun filled trip! It is possible to find an affordable beach vacation when you are on a budget!

The rates may surprise you (in a good way) if you do a little research! Here are some tips to finding the best price for a vacation filled with waves, sunshine and moonlight beach strolls.

Are you a Florida resident? Many beach hotels offer lower rates for locals. (We’re talking about rates as low as $195 per night for an oceanfront room!) So if you are a Florida resident looking to get some rest and relaxation without traveling too far, the dream of beach vacation could easily become a reality!

Are you a member of AAA or any other travel or auto club? This is another great way to get a reduced rate on a beach hotel. Most hotels offer discounts for travel or auto club members. All you have to do is check the website when booking your room, or call and ask. On average, you can expect a discount of about 10 percent lower than the best available rate.

Are a senior and a member of AARP? This will also bring you a reduced rate for your upcoming beach vacation. On average, AARP will give you a 10 percent discount as well.

There are also a lot of specials out there that may not lower your room rate, but will give you extras so you do not have to shell out as much cash during your vacation. Some hotels offer perks such as free breakfast with your room each morning, a credit for dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, or even a free spa treatment.

The time of year can also make a difference in room rates. Visiting a beach hotel in an “off-season” time will also usually give you a discount from the hotel’s regular rate.

As you can see, there are many ways to experience a fantastic beach vacation while on a budget!! Just do your research and more importantly, have fun!