Feeling gloomy facing another day of grey skies and chilly weather? Looking for an escape? Then look no further than warming up for a few days with a sunny beach vacation! Head south and trade in the snow for a blue-sky paradise.

In addition to lifting your mood thanks to a beautiful change of scenery, and warming your body that’s been busy shoveling freezing ice and snow, it’s a proven fact that spending some time at the beach can be good for your health.

For starters, spending some time on the beach soaking up the sun’s rays is the perfect way to get a big dose of Vitamin D, which is good for your bones, muscles and immune system.

Taking a beach vacation will often give you an excuse to get more exercise. Taking a walk on the sand provides an incredible workout. And a swim in the ocean, or a hotel pool if you prefer, is a workout for your entire body. But the best thing is you’ll be having so much fun it won’t even feel like exercise.

While any vacation can help reduce the everyday stress in your life, imagine what a beach vacation can do! You will likely experience better sleep while listening to the waves hit the shore from your oceanfront room. Watching the waves is also a great way to leave your stress behind. Imagine each wave just taking a little bit of your responsibilities away, even if it’s just temporary!

Another benefit of getting away from the cold weather is that warmer weather can actually improve your memory, which could make your productive when you return back home. This is because when your body temperature is higher, your mental performance and level of alertness increases. This, in turn, can improve your memory.

Leaving the cold for a few days can also be good for your cardiovascular system! It has been proven that when your body doesn’t have to work so hard to regulate heat, your blood pressure can go down.

So if you are looking for an excuse to flee the blustery cold weather around you, you don’t have to look too hard! The benefits of spending some time warming your body and soul at the beach may be just what the doctor prescribed!