Can you believe summer is almost over?  It seriously goes by so fast!  Before you know it we will all find ourselves braving the crowded school supply isle at our local stores so we can get our kids ready for the new school year.  So now is the perfect time to get your family beach vacation in before it’s too late.

But don’t worry!  There are so many advantages of visiting Florida the last half of the summer.  So much so, that you may find yourself planning your next beach vacation during the later summer months for years to come.

Here are just a few of the advantages:


  1. It’s the “off-season.” As I’m sure you already know, Florida is a big tourism state, but the biggest tourism season is during the winter months when people are trying to escape their harsh winters.  Therefore, when you visit Florida during the summer months (and especially the last half of the summer) you get to enjoy your vacation with little to no crowds!

You’ll find the beaches are less crowded, no “fighting the crows” when you’re shopping, and less time waiting for your tables at restaurants.  Which means you can come down and spend your time relaxing and enjoying yourself with your family.


  1. Take advantage of lower rates. Just like any “off-season” there are deals to take advantage of.  Hotels are trying to fill rooms, venues are trying to fill seats, and stores are trying to sell the last of their seasonal inventory.  So take advantage of these lower rates and use what you save to squeeze in even more fun into your vacation.

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  1. “Come on in, the water’s fine!”  Here in Florida, we’re mostly known for our beaches, and in the late summer months the water feels ahhh-mazing!  During the winter months the cooler ocean water can take a few minutes to get used to, even in South Florida, but the warm summer months bring warm water that is perfect for diving right in!


  1. Perfect nights. It’s no secret that Florida can be pretty hot, but our summer months make for warm, beautiful nights.  When you’re down for your summer beach vacation, the weather is perfect for a moonlight walk on the beach, some nighttime shopping, or enjoying a drink on the patio of a great restaurant.


  1. Get away before your schedule gets crazy again. For many families, getting in their Florida vacation during the last half of the summer is their last chance to get away from it all.  Soon school starts, extra-curricular activities are back in full swing, and between school functions and work obligations it can be hard for the average family to get away during the winter months.  So plan your beach vacation now while you still have a few open slots in your calendar.


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We hope to see you in the next few months as you come down to Florida and enjoy what the last few months of summer has to offer.  See you at the beach!