If you’ve visited South Florida this year you may have noticed that the ocean water has been even more beautiful than previous years.  Our beaches have always been known for their beauty, but boy, this year there are no words to describe our crystal clear, beautiful blue water right now.

Not only are the beaches great for photo ops this year, but when the water is as clear as it is right now, there are other beach activities that are even more enjoyable.

Some of these activities include:

  • Snorkeling – When the water is clear, snorkeling feels like you’re escaping to a whole new world. The visibility is better so you’ll be able to see things you might not have been able to see before.
  • See what washes up – When I was little I remember chasing seashells as they washed up with the waves. Clearer water makes what’s washing up on shore easier to see so you and your kids can race to pick it up before anyone else can.
  • See the ocean life more clearly – Whether you’re snorkeling or just standing and watching the fish swim by, when the water is clear you will be able to enjoy the sea life that much more. You may actually be surprised to see what you didn’t know you were swimming with when the water wasn’t so clear.

Come to the beach and enjoy this beautiful, clear, blue water before the summer is over.  Now until Labor Day, 2019, Sun Tower Hotel & Suites is offering a Beach Day Special* for only $99/day!  You’ll enjoy our private beach, 1 room to use for the day, use of 2 beach chairs, access to our paddle boards and kayaks, unlimited access to our pool area for when you need a break from the hot sand, and 1 parking space.

See you at the beach.

*Based upon availability.  Call the day of to reserve your Beach Day Special.  Check-in is 11:00 am and you are welcome to stay as late as 9:00 pm.