South Florida’s Beach Wildlife

Baby Sea Turtles on the beach headed to ocean

Most of us go to the beach to relax and recharge. We lay on the sand, listen to the waves, close our eyes, and just soak everything in. But when was the last time you observed the wildlife while you were at the beach?

When you sit and observe the wildlife around you, it can create an amazing sense of calm. Just ask any avid bird water, there is a peace and stillness that comes from watching nature that is indescribable. Some have even compared relaxing and enjoying nature to a great meditation session.

Next time you’re at one of our beautiful South Florida beaches, here are just a few examples of the wildlife you may have the pleasure of seeing.

Birds – Seagulls might be the most common bird you’ll see while visiting our beaches, but there are many other birds that may decide to grace you with their presence. Pelicans, blue herrings, and many more can also be seen sharing the South Florida sand with human beach goers. Many people love laying back and watching birds fly with the ocean breeze and diving into the water as they hunt.

Sea Turtles¬†– Did you know that right now there is a sea turtle nest on Sun Tower’s private beach in Fort Lauderdale? They should hatch sometime in October, but if you happen to come for a visit, please be careful to not disturb the nest.
If you’re lucky though, you may even find yourself face to face with a full grown sea turtle right off the beach!

Fish – Of course! Sometimes it’s hard to see what you’re swimming with, but not this year. This season the water has been so clear you’ll be amazed to see what you’ve been sharing the ocean with and didn’t even realize it.

Stingrays – This is actually a rare sighting, but we have seen quite a few stingrays this year. If you encounter a stingray, unless you are on a guided tour and have been advised on how to interact with them, it is always best to give them their space. Please observe from a safe distance and do not try to swim over one.

Crabs – Crabs are so cool! I love laying on the beach and watching them walk sideways and dig in the sand. They can be fast and some varieties can blend in rather well, so if you see that crabs are out and about while you’re enjoying your beach day, please be careful where you step.

Did we leave something off the list that you love seeing at the beach? Please let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

We hope next time you’re at the beach you can take a moment to breathe in the wildlife. Just taking a minute to observe the animals around you can make your experience that much more relaxing. If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area and would like to take a break from the sand and sun while still watching the beach wildlife, please come say hi to everyone here at Sun Tower Hotel & Suites and enjoy a beverage on our patio.

See you at the beach!