4 Reasons Why You Should Stay With Us Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl Trophy and two NFL footballs

South Florida is once again thrilled for the opportunity to host another Super Bowl in 2020. We’re sure a lot of fans who are going to the game this year are excited to enjoy warm, beautiful weather instead of snow during the big game.

Are you planning on making the trip down to South Florida for the 45th Super Bowl? Before you book your stay, here are just a few reasons why you should consider choosing Fort Lauderdale over Miami for your accommodations.

1. Less Traffic – Of course you should expect some traffic… it is Super Bowl weekend in South Florida… but as a rule of thumb, Fort Lauderdale typically has less traffic than Miami. When you stay in Fort Lauderdale, you can avoid the crazy Miami traffic and get to the stadium faster!

2. Beautiful Beaches – I’m sure you’ve heard that Miami has some beautiful beaches, but Fort Lauderdale’s beaches are JUST as beautiful. Not to mention, when you stay with us at Sun Tower Hotel & Suites you get unlimited access to our beautiful, private beach.

3. Less Crowds – Did you know that Miami and the surrounding area has about 1 million more residents than Fort Lauderdale and it’s surrounding areas! No wonder Fort Lauderdale is less crowded. We know that while you’re down here for the big game you will more than likely have other things on your agenda, so why not choose the area that will be less crowded and less chaotic? Enjoy the best of both worlds; save the high energy for the game and then relax for the rest of your stay.

4. Closer to the Stadium – Did you know that the Hard Rock Stadium actually isn’t in Miami? It’s true! Hard Rock Stadium is in the city of Miami Gardens, which is actually closer to Fort Lauderdale than it is to the city of Miami. So when you take the fact that there is less traffic, and that Fort Lauderdale is actually closer to the stadium, you can see how you will have a much easier time getting to the game than you would if you had booked your stay in Miami.

When you’re ready to book your stay, call Sun Tower Hotel & Suites directly at 877-897-7775 for our best rates available.