Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy during your Post-COVID Vacation

Front of Sun Tower Hotel in a Post Covid world

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. Cities, states, and even entire countries have all come together to practice social distancing to help keep the ones we love safe and healthy.

No matter what you make of the current events that are happening around us, there is no denying that all of us have had to make adjustments to cope with the “new normal.” As we move into summer, this theme is also going to continue when it comes to vacation planning.

Whether you’re flying to your destination or planning a local trip, there are a few things people are doing to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

Flying or driving?  Although this decision is completely up to you, some people are choosing to cancel their flights and hit the highway. When you choose to drive, you share the same air with family members as opposed to strangers, you can open a window for fresh air any time you want, and of course the potential of having to go through health checks might be something to consider as well.  Of course flying is still the safest way to travel, but if you feel more at ease driving, then please do whatever puts your mind at ease.

Look for a kitchenette when booking.  When it comes time to book the accommodations for your vacation, many are looking for hotels with kitchenettes or full kitchens to avoid eating out. Although most restaurants are following strict guidelines to ensure social distancing, some feel there is nothing like a home cooked meal to make you feel safe at your “home away from home.” 

Opt for outdoor adventure! Sometimes the best way to practice social distancing is by being in a wide open space, so take advantage of a vacation with lots of outdoor activities this year, like a beach trip! When you stay with us at Sun Tower Hotel & Suites you have the beach just steps away.

Here at Sun Tower Hotels & Suites, your health and safety are our biggest concern. We have taken extra measures to make sure our property is sanitized and are taking all recommended precautions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your stay, please don’t hesitate to ask.

See you on the beach!

Still the Same Sun Tower Family, but Even Better

We’ve missed you! While you were away, we took advantage of our unexpected time apart and used it as an opportunity to make some changes. Hello Renovations!   

When you walk into our newly updated hotel, you will enjoy a Sun Tower experience unlike any other you’ve experienced while visiting our property. We’re still the same friendly, beautiful Sun Tower Hotel & Suites, just enhanced and even better.

Here is a sneak peek into what you’ll experience:

Lobby – As soon as you walk into our beautiful, expanded lobby, you can rest assured you have finally arrived at your home away from home. As you look around you will notice the lobby has a bright, welcoming feeling. There are blue slat accents on the ceiling, the same blue which reminds you that you are at the same Sun Tower Hotel & Suites you know and love. There are also beautiful, tropical plants that help bring the outside into the lobby, and comfortable seating areas that make you feel right at home as you wait to be checked in.

Modern and updated flooring – When it’s time to leave the lobby and head towards your room, you may notice our beautiful new floors! We have updated all flooring throughout our hotel, including in the halls, rooms, and the outside patio. We chose a light wood that really ties together all the updated and modern features we have added to our hotel. Hopefully you will love the look as much as we do.

Your room – Welcome to your home away from home. Most of our rooms are fully renovated and ready for you.  We have updated everything, from top to bottom in our rooms: a new and modern kitchenette, remodeled bathrooms with luxurious fixtures, and comfortable bedding to tie it all together.

Sandbar Grill – Once you get settled, we would love for you to join us at our very own restaurant, located right on the beach, Sandbar Grill. Although most of the indoor portion of our restaurant is still sporting the same inviting decor, we have expanded our outside deck so you will have ample space to enjoy your meal while still practicing social distancing. 

We can’t wait to see you again and show you all the ways we have enhanced your stay with us at Sun Tower Hotel & Suites. When you stay with us, will still be treated like an extended part of our family, but now with an even better experience than you have ever had with us.

Book your stay with us now, and we will see you on the beach!

3 More Reasons to Visit Fort Lauderdale this Spring!

Visit Fort Lauderdale this spring for the Miami Open. Image shows purple tennis court with large audience in attendance

Fort Lauderdale is very fortunate to always have some amazing events, but this Spring we are especially excited about the events that are coming to the area.  As if you didn’t need more reasons to visit South Florida (besides the beautiful beaches, warm weather, amazing cuisine, etc) we have 3 more that you just have to come see!

1 – Miami Open – March 23 – April 5
The Miami Open has a new home this year. Join us at the Hard Rock Stadium and enjoy everything this year’s event has to offer. Not only can you catch a tennis game or two (or three or four), but you can also enjoy live music, delicious food from some of the hottest South Florida restaurants, and murals featuring work from artists around the world.

2.  Tortuga Festival – April 17-19
What’s better than an amazing concert? Turning it into a weekend-long festival on the beach with friends and drinks. Grab your crew and come down to Fort Lauderdale because you won’t want to miss this.
Just a few of the performers in this year’s lineup include: Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Pitbull, Tim McGraw, Barenaked Ladies, and many, many, many more!  CLICK HERE to see the full line-up and grab your tickets.

3 Fort Lauderdale Air Show – May 2-3
The Fort Lauderdale Air Show is always a crowd favorite. This year features the US Air Force Thunderbirds, the F-35 Lightning II Demo Team, and the GEICO Skytypers. While you watch the show that’s happening in the air, there’s also plenty of things to do on the ground, such as simulator rides, vendors, and if you’re lucky, you may even get to take a tour of a cockpit.

However, most people don’t know our little secret. If you’re wanting to enjoy the Air Show without the crowds, Sun Tower Hotel & Suites has the best view from our private beach! Book your stay with us today to secure your viewing spot on our beach.

We hope you’re as excited about these events as we are. Call Sun Tower Hotel & Suites direct today at 877-897-7775 to book your stay with us so you don’t miss your favorite upcoming event.

See you at the beach!

4 Reasons Why You Should Stay With Us Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl Trophy and two NFL footballs

South Florida is once again thrilled for the opportunity to host another Super Bowl in 2020. We’re sure a lot of fans who are going to the game this year are excited to enjoy warm, beautiful weather instead of snow during the big game.

Are you planning on making the trip down to South Florida for the 45th Super Bowl? Before you book your stay, here are just a few reasons why you should consider choosing Fort Lauderdale over Miami for your accommodations.

1. Less Traffic – Of course you should expect some traffic… it is Super Bowl weekend in South Florida… but as a rule of thumb, Fort Lauderdale typically has less traffic than Miami. When you stay in Fort Lauderdale, you can avoid the crazy Miami traffic and get to the stadium faster!

2. Beautiful Beaches – I’m sure you’ve heard that Miami has some beautiful beaches, but Fort Lauderdale’s beaches are JUST as beautiful. Not to mention, when you stay with us at Sun Tower Hotel & Suites you get unlimited access to our beautiful, private beach.

3. Less Crowds – Did you know that Miami and the surrounding area has about 1 million more residents than Fort Lauderdale and it’s surrounding areas! No wonder Fort Lauderdale is less crowded. We know that while you’re down here for the big game you will more than likely have other things on your agenda, so why not choose the area that will be less crowded and less chaotic? Enjoy the best of both worlds; save the high energy for the game and then relax for the rest of your stay.

4. Closer to the Stadium – Did you know that the Hard Rock Stadium actually isn’t in Miami? It’s true! Hard Rock Stadium is in the city of Miami Gardens, which is actually closer to Fort Lauderdale than it is to the city of Miami. So when you take the fact that there is less traffic, and that Fort Lauderdale is actually closer to the stadium, you can see how you will have a much easier time getting to the game than you would if you had booked your stay in Miami.

When you’re ready to book your stay, call Sun Tower Hotel & Suites directly at 877-897-7775 for our best rates available.

Are you thinking about Traveling for the Holidays this year? Here’s why you should!

Sun Tower Lobby. Love seat and small desk with computer overlooking the patio.

5 Advantages to Vacationing for the Holidays

We all love the holidays. Whether we like to admit it or not, we do. Once we get into our groove, the family get-togethers, the food, and the traditions bring joy to our hearts.

But what if we decided to mix it up, take a break from the norm, and travel for the Holidays? There are actually a lot of advantages to doing this and we think everyone should do it at least once just to see what it’s like. We must warn you though, it can be so enjoyable, and such a refreshing experience you may want to do it every few years, or even every year!

So what are the advantages of vacationing for the Holidays? Below are just a few of our favorite ones.

1. No cooking and cleaning!  Do we have your attention now? When you travel for the Holidays there is no need to clean house in preparation for company, no cooking, and then cleaning again after the party’s over. All you have to do is arrive at your destination, make your dinner plans, sit back, and enjoy.

2.  Choose your weather. Whether you live in the south and want to head north to a ski resort, or live in the north and want to escape to the beach for the Holidays, what is most appealing to many is the change of scenery and a different climate. Which destination would you choose?

3.  Meet your extended family… or not! If you would like to have an extended family get-together for your Holiday celebrations, pick a destination where everyone can meet in the middle! But conversely, if you live close to your extended family and are looking for some quiet time this season, then politely tell your family you are looking forward to recharging this year.

4.  Create long-lasting memories.  With all the repetitive traditions, sometimes when you look back it can be hard to separate which memories happened which year, or you cannot recall a Holiday party from a certain year at all! Now imagine if you spent this Holiday season at the beach. When you break from the norm you are more likely to create memories that will be talked about for years to come because they are so different than what you are used to.

5.  Time to focus on family.  At the end of the day, family is the most important thing in our lives. When you vacation for the Holidays, instead of cleaning, cooking, cleaning again, keeping strict schedules, running errands, etc, you are now free to focus on those around you. You don’t have to worry about all the hard work it takes to plan and host a huge party; just make your plans, show up, and enjoy the company of the ones you love the most.

Hopefully we’ve given you some good points to think about when considering whether or not to book your Holiday vacation. When you’re ready to start making your travel plans, we would love if you would consider visiting us in South Florida at Sun Tower Hotel & Suites. Come enjoy our beautiful private beach and maybe even some of our local Holiday festivities. Please contact our hotel directly for the best rates possible.

We look forward to seeing you on the beach this Holiday Season.

Calling All Snowbirds! Book Your Winter Vacation Now!

Sun Tower Balcony with Red lounge chairs ready for the snowbirds

Do you ever wish you could fly South for the Winter? If so, then you may be a Snowbird. If you haven’t heard the term already, a “Snowbird” is just that; a Northerner that likes to vacation in a warmer climate to escape the harsh winters.

Here in South Florida, we don’t blame you. We don’t like the cold either. Although you may see us walking around in parkas when the temp drops to the low 70’s, most snowbirds find it’s the perfect shorts and flip-flop weather.

The winter months are South Florida’s busiest tourism season, and it’s easy to see why. Here are just a few reasons why people love to fly south for the winter.

1. Escape your harsh, blistering cold temperatures and come enjoy the warm sand. While the snow plows are busy in your home town, you could be laying on the beach, listening to the waves, while enjoying a cocktail. I mean, that sounds better than bundling up and braving the cold, right?

2. Special rates for snowbirds. Since winter is Forida’s most popular tourism season, most hotels have lower rates or specials you can take advantage of. Call Sun Tower Hotel & Suites today to take advantage of these specials and book your winter stay now!

3. Enjoy a NFL game with perfect weather while other stadiums are watching their games in a blizzard! Since you’re probably not from Florida you might not be a Dolphin’s fan, so check your favorite team’s schedule and book your stay when they’re playing here in Miami.

4. Travel for the Holidays! Year after year, we find ourselves throwing the same parties, with the same people, on the same days, at the same time. Yes, it’s great to have those traditions, but every once in a while it’s nice to take a year off and do something different. Break tradition and make some amazing memories. You can even invite your family to come with you!

Maybe you’re already a Snowbird, or maybe you’re thinking about starting the tradition of “flying South for the Winter.” Either way, the winter season is quickly approaching and accommodations can fill up pretty quickly. If you’re planning to travel this winter, call Sun Tower Hotel & Suites today and get your winter getaway booked now!

South Florida’s Beach Wildlife

Baby Sea Turtles on the beach headed to ocean

Most of us go to the beach to relax and recharge. We lay on the sand, listen to the waves, close our eyes, and just soak everything in. But when was the last time you observed the wildlife while you were at the beach?

When you sit and observe the wildlife around you, it can create an amazing sense of calm. Just ask any avid bird water, there is a peace and stillness that comes from watching nature that is indescribable. Some have even compared relaxing and enjoying nature to a great meditation session.

Next time you’re at one of our beautiful South Florida beaches, here are just a few examples of the wildlife you may have the pleasure of seeing.

Birds – Seagulls might be the most common bird you’ll see while visiting our beaches, but there are many other birds that may decide to grace you with their presence. Pelicans, blue herrings, and many more can also be seen sharing the South Florida sand with human beach goers. Many people love laying back and watching birds fly with the ocean breeze and diving into the water as they hunt.

Sea Turtles – Did you know that right now there is a sea turtle nest on Sun Tower’s private beach in Fort Lauderdale? They should hatch sometime in October, but if you happen to come for a visit, please be careful to not disturb the nest.
If you’re lucky though, you may even find yourself face to face with a full grown sea turtle right off the beach!

Fish – Of course! Sometimes it’s hard to see what you’re swimming with, but not this year. This season the water has been so clear you’ll be amazed to see what you’ve been sharing the ocean with and didn’t even realize it.

Stingrays – This is actually a rare sighting, but we have seen quite a few stingrays this year. If you encounter a stingray, unless you are on a guided tour and have been advised on how to interact with them, it is always best to give them their space. Please observe from a safe distance and do not try to swim over one.

Crabs – Crabs are so cool! I love laying on the beach and watching them walk sideways and dig in the sand. They can be fast and some varieties can blend in rather well, so if you see that crabs are out and about while you’re enjoying your beach day, please be careful where you step.

Did we leave something off the list that you love seeing at the beach? Please let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

We hope next time you’re at the beach you can take a moment to breathe in the wildlife. Just taking a minute to observe the animals around you can make your experience that much more relaxing. If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area and would like to take a break from the sand and sun while still watching the beach wildlife, please come say hi to everyone here at Sun Tower Hotel & Suites and enjoy a beverage on our patio.

See you at the beach!

Home of QB1

3 football players with the wording QB1 Beyond the Lights


The South Florida Water is Even More Beautiful than Ever!

Orange Umbrellas with two lounge chairs each on the beach with view of Atlantic Ocean

If you’ve visited South Florida this year you may have noticed that the ocean water has been even more beautiful than previous years.  Our beaches have always been known for their beauty, but boy, this year there are no words to describe our crystal clear, beautiful blue water right now.

Not only are the beaches great for photo ops this year, but when the water is as clear as it is right now, there are other beach activities that are even more enjoyable.

Some of these activities include:

  • Snorkeling – When the water is clear, snorkeling feels like you’re escaping to a whole new world. The visibility is better so you’ll be able to see things you might not have been able to see before.
  • See what washes up – When I was little I remember chasing seashells as they washed up with the waves. Clearer water makes what’s washing up on shore easier to see so you and your kids can race to pick it up before anyone else can.
  • See the ocean life more clearly – Whether you’re snorkeling or just standing and watching the fish swim by, when the water is clear you will be able to enjoy the sea life that much more. You may actually be surprised to see what you didn’t know you were swimming with when the water wasn’t so clear.

Come to the beach and enjoy this beautiful, clear, blue water before the summer is over.  Now until Labor Day, 2019, Sun Tower Hotel & Suites is offering a Beach Day Special* for only $99/day!  You’ll enjoy our private beach, 1 room to use for the day, use of 2 beach chairs, access to our paddle boards and kayaks, unlimited access to our pool area for when you need a break from the hot sand, and 1 parking space.

See you at the beach.

*Based upon availability.  Call the day of to reserve your Beach Day Special.  Check-in is 11:00 am and you are welcome to stay as late as 9:00 pm.