Florida: A Perfect Romantic Gateway

Want to recharge your relationship?

Go on a vacation!  Just the two of you!

Between our daily, rough, and stressful life, we forget about the person we love the most. Raising kids, deadlines, financial pressures, etc., steal away that WE TIME from our life.

Couples must take vacations because they need it, they deserve it!

According to the psychologists, taking a break from your monotonous life and visiting a new destination, not only enriches your marital experience, but also promotes your overall well-being.

To relive the romance and begin the fun, what better place to visit than Florida?

Florida is known to have a world of its own. From blissful romantic beaches and idyllic islands, to historic towns and fun filled Disney Land, this state is ideal for those who are looking for an offbeat romantic destination.

So, where to “honeymoon” in Florida?

When it comes to Florida, you have many options. Historic cities like St. Augustine, fun cities like Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, sparkling beaches of the tranquil islands of Dry Tortugas and Greer Island will hold the key to your heart.

Florida is also known for romantic resorts and hotels that match everyone’s budget and taste. These hotels have their own white private beaches for perfect evenings.

The accommodations like those at Sun Tower will indulge your inner adventurer with special amenities like kayaks, paddle boats, heated pools, and so on. Ranked among the best hotels in Florida by TripAdvisor, Sun Tower provides unparalleled services to its guests. Its beachfront accommodations with wide balconies will immediately fill you with a sense of elegance.

No visit of romantic places in Florida would be complete without this beautiful stay by the sea.

Florida is a place for adventure and relaxation.

Here are the top gateways in Florida that can make your vacation idyllic and romantic.

Clear Water: A very famous romantic holiday destination located between Tampa Bay & Gulf of Mexico, Clear Water is known for its spectacular beaches, coral reefs and delightful weather. Pay a visit to the Marine Aquarium to spend some time with rehabilitated playful dolphins and turtles.

Fort Lauderdale: 28 miles from Miami, Fort Lauderdale is known for its serene beaches and beautiful boating canals. You will definitely love its oldest structures like Stranahan House and NSU museum of art, where you can see local artifacts. Whenever you visit Fort Lauderdale, stay at Sun Tower to make your visit truly mesmerizing.

Miami:  Your trip to Florida will be incomplete without a visit to Miami. This city on the Atlantic coast is the hub of art, music and sensuous life. The colorful city of Miami is also ideal for shopping.

Florida, the Sunshine State, is a seaside gem for romantic couples.