‘Staycations’ are the Perfect Way to Get Away, without ‘Getting Away’

Don’t think you’ll have time to squeeze in a vacation this summer? When school is back in session, that doesn’t have to mean vacations are over!

“Staycations” are the perfect way to have the perks of going on vacation, without even leaving your state. This is especially true for Florida residents! The Sunshine State is packed with things to do all year-round.

Florida is the perfect place to head out for a beach getaway. If you only have time for a day trip, why not spend it at the beach? Beaches line the state of Florida, up and down both the east and west coast. While some beaches are best for families, others are perfect for couples looking to get away for the day. There are even beaches with designated pet areas, in case you want to bring your four-legged friend along for the adventure!

Beach getaways are also ideal if you can spare a night or two! Florida beaches are lined with gorgeous hotels and resorts, like Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secret, Sun Tower Hotel & Suites! What could be better than spending a day or two on the beach, while staying in a beautiful hotel?

Florida’s Everglades are also a great place to spend a day. From the plants, wildlife and airboat tours, there is something there to delight every member of your family! And speaking of plants and wildlife, Florida is also home to many unique nature and wildlife centers throughout the state. Many of them even have free admission, or request just a small donation to the center.

And don’t forget about Florida’s culture and history! From museums to playhouses, Florida is one of the best places in the country to appreciate beautiful art or catch a great show! The state also offers several science museums and children’s museums, so that no matter what your audience, there is a museum for you!

So don’t fret that you can’t squeeze a trip in before school starts, when you live in Florida your fun is never over! Get out there and enjoy everything that the Sunshine State has to offer year-round! Here’s to some fun-filled Staycations!