Taking a Vacation is Good for your Health. Get your Vacation in Before School Starts!

Almost everyone looks forward to taking vacations. It’s nice to take some time off from work or school, spending time alone, or with friends or family, and to just get away.

But did you know that there are actually health benefits to taking a vacation? It’s true – taking a vacation may be just what the doctor ordered!

For starters, taking a break from the daily grind, can increase your energy upon return. In fact, according a a recent survey performed in Time Magazine, 94 percent said they had more energy (or at least as much) after returning from a good vacation. Another study, called the Framingham Heart Study, discovered that workers who do not take vacations are 30 percent more like to have a heart attack; this number goes up to 50 percent for women. So in other words, people who take regular vacations have a lower risk of heart disease, and more energy and motivation.

There are also other health benefits to taking a vacation:

  1. Mental Health.When spending time away from work, most people feel calmer without the burdens of work stress. Chronically experiencing stress can largely contribute to both depression and anxiety.
  1. Physical Health.Most vacations involve more exercise, even if it just means walking around while sightseeing, than sitting in your office 40 or more hours each week. In addition to stress causing heart disease, lack of exercise is also a leading contributor. According to an article in the New York Times, taking a vacation even once every two years will decrease the risk of a heart attack.
  1. Family relationships.Spending time with your family members and creating happy memories go hand in hand. People who take regular vacations report being happier in their marriages.

According to medical professionals, taking time away from daily stressors can improve not only your health, but also your relationships and your job motivation. Just in case you needed another reason to plan a vacation… in Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secret, Sun Tower Hotel & Suites!

Get your “healthy” vacation in now before school starts.  Looking for a Florida vacation?  Contact us today and tell us your travel dates!  We would love to see you at our beautiful hotel right on the beach.